10 top tips to aid smoother travel this summer: Trip.com

10 top tips to aid smoother travel this summer: Trip.com


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With summer in full swing, and scores of stressed passengers suffering delayed flights and trains, Trip.com has revealed its ten top tips to aid smoother travel this summer.

  1. Be prepared– Many people are travelling for the first time since the onset of the pandemic, and their expectations for the perfect trip are high. Remember that travel can be tiring, queues can be long and weather unpredictable so pre-plan, have contingencies in place and try to relax regardless of what the day holds.
  2. Allow time– Don’t leave things until the last minute. Check your airline, train or ferry operators’ latest guidelines for departure and arrival times. People often try to fit too much into their day or don’t leave enough time.
  3. Plan properly– If you’re planning a trip, expect some disruption. Be ready to change plans if necessary. Don’t travel on the day of an important event, such as a wedding, concert or big birthday event. If you can, plan to arrive at least one day early, and try to leave extra time to connect between flights and trains etc.
  4. Make a list– Lists are an easy way to keep track of things you’d ideally like to do and ticking off things you have achieved is very satisfying.
  5. Depart early– Consider travelling as early in the morning as possible so your plans are not affected by delays caused earlier in the day.
  6. Have a plan B – Think about an alternative plan ahead of time, in case things go awry. Consider other travel routes, transport types or timings and plan ahead. Write down your ‘Plan B’ so that if it comes to it you won’t be trying to book and plan at the last minute.
  7. Keep ‘appy’ – Most companies and operators now have their own apps with vast amounts of useful information. Download every app you might need so you can avoid trawling through pages and pages on the multiple websites.
  8. Know your rights– If you are delayed or cancelled ensure you check your operator’s guidance and T&Cs so you know where you stand if things go wrong.
  9. Packing – Consider items you take in your hand baggage or car – ensure anything essential remains with you and is easily to hand. Take ample snacks and water along with any other provisions you might need if you face disruption. Thinking about this ahead of time to ensure you are best prepared if you are delayed. If flying, travel only with hand baggage, if possible, to avoid being delayed by the checked in baggage drop.
  10. Adequate cover and insurance – Ensure you have sufficient travel insurance for your needs – and make sure it covers you for missing baggage, disruption etc.

Commenting on the summer ahead and Trip.com Group’s top tips, Andy Washington said: “School summer holidays are fully upon us and many airports, train stations and ports are now heaving with travellers getting away. We know this has led to delays, cancellations and stressful journeys which, sadly, is likely to continue over the summer.”

The post 10 top tips to aid smoother travel this summer: Trip.com appeared first on Travel Daily.

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