15 Things to do in Split, Croatia Travel Guide

15 Things to do in Split, Croatia Travel Guide

Join us in this travel guide to Split, Croatia as we cover food, attractions and some of the best things to do in Split. Having traveled extensively in Croatia in 2017 we were thrilled to return again to properly visit Split. After enduring brutally cold weather in Venice, Italy enjoying the warmth of Split and chilled pace of Split was a welcome relief.

15 Things to do in Split City Tour | Croatia Travel Guide:

Intro – 00:01
1) Diocletian’s Palace (Dioklecijanova palača) – 00:45
2) Bell Tower Cathedral of Saint Domnius (Katedrala Svetog Duje) – 01:43
3) Mausoleum of Diocletian – 02:47
4) Temple of Jupiter (Jupiterov hram) – 03:28
5) Crypt – 04:50
6) Basements of Diocletian’s Palace – 05:37
7) Underground Market – 06:30
8) Konoba Fetivi for Seafood – 06:42
9) Marjan Hill – 09:17
10) Varoš Neighbourhood – 10:05
11) Grgur Ninski Statue – 11:11
12) Riva Promenade – 12:05
13) Harbour – 13:17
14) Green Market – 13:43
15) Bokeria Kitchen & Wine Bar for truffle mayo burgers – 14:25
Outro – 15:43

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Our visit Split travel guide covers some of the top attractions including a food guide to local Croatian food, top sightseeing tourist attractions and the city by day and by night including visiting palace, mausoleums, cathedrals, ruins and more. We cover activities you won’t find in a typical Split tourism brochure, Split itinerary or Split, Croatia city tour also known as Grad Split Hrvatska.

15 Things to do in Split, Croatia Travel Guide Video Transcript: (Grad Split Hrvatska):

It is no secret that Croatia is one of our favourite countries to travel in Europe, and Split is a destination that can’t be missed.

Set in and around the walls of an ancient Roman palace looking out to the Adriatic Sea, Split is what travel dreams are made of: sunny, scenic, and filled with historic sights and culinary delights.

The streets are marble maze where pieces of history lay hidden around every corner, the harbour is lined with cafes and palm trees drawing out locals and visitors to promenade in the sunshine, and let’s not forget about the abundance of restaurants serving up fresh seafood and Croatian dishes with a contemporary twist!

Join us in this travel guide as we take you on a tour of the city and show you 15 things to do in Split, Croatia!

Diocletian was a Roman Emperor who ruled from the years 284 to 305. He was born in Dalmatia, and when it came time to build his retirement residence, he chose this very spot which today forms the Old Town of Split.

It made sense to start our tour of Split here. First, the bell tower for a quick look at the city from above. Next to the bell tower, you have the Mausoleum of Diocletian. Emperor Diocletian was a persecutor of Christians, and ironically, his mausoleum is now a cathedral named after Saint Domnius, who was martyred by Diocletian.

We walked over to the Temple of Jupiter. Interesting fact: the sphinx you see at the entrance was one of the twelve sphinxes brought from Egypt by Emperor Diocletian.

The crypt sits directly underneath the cathedral and it’s dedicated to Saint Lucy, another victim of the religious persecutions under the rule of Diocletian.

We walked through the underground market which is open to the public free of charge. This market is also located at basement level and it is filled with vendors selling all types of artwork and souvenirs. We also walked up the Marjan Steps for scenic views of Split.
Marjan Hill is 178 meters high and it takes 314 steps to reach the highest point. It’s a very pleasant walk with lots of greenery, and along the way we even came across an old stone church.

Then on the way back down the hill, we went for a walk through Varoš.
And while we were in Split, we also made time to visit a statue with a rather famous toe. This is Grgur Ninski. He was a medieval Croatian bishop who introduced the national language in the religious services.

Now a travel tip: while you’re out strolling down the Rive Promenade, you can also access Matejuška Port, which is a small harbour for small boats used mainly by the local fishermen. This particular spot offers some really nice views looking back on Split.

That’s a wrap for our travel guide to Split! If you have ideas of things to do in Split please share those in the comments below.

This is part of our Travel in Croatia video series showcasing Croatian food, Croatian culture and Croatian cuisine.

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