24 hours in Salzburg Austria is plenty of time to see most of the main attractions. In this vlog, we take you on a Salzburg walking tour. Salzburg is known for Mozart, Red Bull, and salt mining. Here are the things we did while spending one day in Salzburg.

Our first stop was at Kapuzinerberg. This is a hill on the eastern side of Salzburg’s Salzach River. From the top of the hill, we got great views of Salzburg. Next we made our way to Salzburg’s Old Town.

In the Old Town of Salzburg (Altstadt), we walked down the famous shopping street Getreidegasse. This street has decorative signs above the storefronts. It’s also the birthplace of Mozart. Mozart was born on Getreidegasse in 1756. At the end of the street, we tried the world famous Salzburger Mozartkugel (Mozart Balls). These famous chocolate balls can be sampled at Cafe Konditorei Fürst.

Next, we made our way to University Square to try a pretzel from Salzburger Brezen. These pretzels were the size of my head! After leaving University Square, we made our way to Residenzplatz. From here, we could see the Salzburg Cathedral and a giant fountain. Then we visited Mozartplatz to see a statue of the famous composer. Right around the corner from Mozartplatz is Kapitelplatz. This square features a giant chess board. From here we could also see Fortress Hohensalzburg (Salzburg’s Castle). After all of our walking, it was time for lunch.

For lunch we went to Bärenwirt. It’s been in business since 1663 and is popular for its fried chicken. The chicken was great, but we loved the potato salad at Bärenwirt. We highly recommend this place for lunch or dinner.

After lunch, our last stop of our Salzburg walking tour was at Mirabell Palace. The Mirabell Gardens are spectacular! We also visited the Marble Hall which is said to be one of the most beautiful wedding halls in the world. The palace also has the Pegasus Fountain, which was a filming location for the Sound of Music, and the Dwarf Garden.

We had a wonderful day exploring Salzburg, Austria!

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