5 Ways Mexico Has Improved The Tourist Experience For American Travelers

5 Ways Mexico Has Improved The Tourist Experience For American Travelers


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Since Covid started, travelers have faced bigger challenges traveling to numerous destinations, from stricter entry rules to longer airport delays. Although it is definitely not immune to the usual pandemic woes, Mexico has been working harder than any other country in improving the tourist experience for American visitors.

Young Male Tourist Jumping With Joy With Mayan Pyramids In The Background, Mexico

Despite being targeted by the U.S. Government’s Travel Advisories, which cite security concerns in major tourist hotspots like Cancun, and facing an abnormally high, and even potentially dangerous travel demand, Mexico is fighting back and ensuring visitors have a more pleasant experience. Against all odds, it seeks to remain Americans’ favorite destination.

Here are 5 ways Mexico has managed to achieve that and prove all naysayers wrong:

Two Young Women Possibly Mexican Holding Up A Mexican Flag in Mexico City, Mexico

It Has Built A Whole New Airport In Mexico City

After reports Mexico City’s International Airport (AICM) was experiencing overcapacity, the country rushed to inaugurate the capital’s second international hub. It may be further out, but the Felipe Angeles International Airport (AIFA) has already become essential for Mexican aviation – and travelers alike.

Now that flights are being distributed between AICM and AIFA, travel lanes will not be as saturated, and the visitor experience in both hubs a lot more satisfactory. In fact, easing pressure on the other airport was one of the main reasons why AIFA came into being. With it, operations at AICM are set to reduce by 25%, making it much less busy for Americans to transit.

Passengers Queuing At The Airport

It Has Streamlined Border Control In Cancun

Shocking images of long wait lines and bottlenecks may come to mind when you think of Cancun Airport – and believe us, it can be a true gong-show at times – but Mexico is doubling its efforts to save its second most important airport’s reputation as a global hub. There might be an unprecedented surge in Cancun bookings, but airport authorities are now ready for the post-Covid revenge travel trends.

They have begun streamlining border control for American passengers and other incoming tourists, and within months of easing border bureaucracy, wait times at the airport have shrunk dramatically. In the chaotic Terminal 2, for example, there has been a 30% reduction, with American arrivals no longer expected to wait up to 90 minutes to clear customs and cross the border.

Passenger Scanning Boarding Pass Or Passport At Airport E Gate

It Has Added QR Codes To Taxis In Puerto Vallarta To Fight Scamming

A favorite among U.S. vacationers, Puerto Vallarta has been making the news lately for all the wrong reasons: scams in the city have risen by a staggering 200% in only 3 years, prompting Mexican authorities to act quickly. Now, it will be much harder for the city’s famous taxi scammers to prey on naive tourists, as Puerto Vallarta has just added QR codes to official taxis.

All drivers will be required to display the code on their vehicles, allowing visitors to easily verify their credentials, licensing, and information on an official page. As a result, taking cabs in Puerto Vallarta will not only be more affordable (due to regular fares being enforced), it will be safer as scammers can now be easily identified, and without the help of local police.

A Taxi Or Uber Driver Helping A Customer Stow Luggage In The Car Boot While Both Are Wearing Face Masks During Covid Pandemic

It Increased Security On Caribbean Beaches

If you’re planning a trip to the Mexican Caribbean soon, you probably came across several other travel news outlets online that have raised doubts about the region’s safety. Whether it’s shootings, kidnappings or other security concerns, you may have started to ask yourself whether Cancun or other Mexican beach cities are still safe destinations in 2022. In short, they are.

Cancun is cracking down hard on gang activity and violence, deploying police to beach areas to increase safety levels and guarantee American tourists have a positive experience. Any big city will, at some point, experience crime, and no travel is risk-free. That said, Mexico is still having none of it, with authorities promising to keep tourist zones risk-free with the help of law enforcers.

Mexican Police Patrolling Beach In Mexico

Finally, Mexico Is Now Treating Covid As Endemic

Mexico has been a trailblazer during Covid in keeping its borders open and promoting tourism regardless of new variants or lockdowns in other nations. Therefore, it comes as no surprise the Government has decided to scrap its Covid Warning System, allowing the country to fully reinstate pre-pandemic normality and treat the virus as endemic.

Mexico never required vaccination passports or testing for entry, but this means masks are no longer necessary in any setting, and Covid has officially ceased being a prime concern. For restriction-wary travelers, Mexico has been, and continues to be, the go-to place for sunny vacations. Here, Americans can truly enjoy their time in the sun… Stress-free and with no masks.

Paradise Scenery Of Tulum At Tropical Coast And Beach, Near The Mayan Ruins Of Tulum, Quintana Roo, Mexico

For all the latest news on Mexico, including travel tips to Cancun and new flight routes to the Mexican Caribbean opening this summer, please visit this link.

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