Buc-ee’s jobs on MS Coast: New store is now hiring managers | Business News

Buc-ee's jobs on MS Coast: New store is now hiring managers | Business News

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South Mississippi residents, New Orleans commuters and visitors eagerly await the opening of the Buc-ee’s on Interstate 10 in Harrison County, especially those hoping to get a job at the new travel center.

The walls on the store aren’t up yet, but those qualified for a management position can now go online and submit their resumes to work at the first Buc-ee’s in Mississippi that’s an hour’s drive from the Crescent City.

Newly posted on Indeed, Zip Recruiter and other job websites are several upper level positions at the Pass Christian store. 

Among the positions open now are:

  • Grocery manager
  • Manager team lead
  • Manager in training
  • Gift/merchandise manager and assistant manager
  • Night manager
  • Assistant general manager
  • Human relations field representative
  • Bookkeeper
  • Janitorial/cleaning & maintenance manager

The listings don’t say when the successful candidates will start work.

This is just the beginning of the hiring at the new Buc-ee’s. The company announced it will bring at least 200 full-time jobs and typically holds a job fair for hourly positions about three months before a new travel center opens.

Just as Buc-ee’s is known for its clean bathrooms, its brisket, beef jerky and Beaver Nuggets, the Texas-based chain is known for starting pay that is well above minimum wage plus generous benefits.

The pay scale is posted at all the travel centers, and starts at $18 an hour for cashiers, cleaning and warehouse staff, and stockers.

The crews that keep the restrooms so shiny clean start at $20 an hour. Food service and car wash staff start at $21 an hour and team leaders start at $20-$23 an hour.

Managers’ pay ranges from $25 an hour for a department manager to more than $200,000 a year for the general manager. Night staff get a $2 an hour additional pay. Part-time positions generally are available.

In addition, employees receive three weeks of paid vacation the first year, and they can take the time, the money or roll it over until the next year.

Other benefits are medical and dental and a 401k match.

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