Liechtenstein is surging the travel Industry with new visa-free entry policy for 109 countries, including Canada, Thailand and Schengen Nations


Friday, June 28, 2024

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Liechtenstein, nestled in the heart of the Alps, is an enchanting tourist destination known for its stunning landscapes, medieval castles, and vibrant cultural heritage. Visitors are drawn to its picturesque villages, hiking trails, and the capital city, Vaduz, which boasts museums, art galleries, and the impressive Vaduz Castle. As an added convenience for travelers, Liechtenstein offers visa-free entry to nationals of 109 countries, significantly boosting both leisure travel and global travel to the region. This includes all Schengen Area countries, such as Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, and Switzerland, which enjoy freedom of movement. Additionally, countries like Canada and the United Kingdom can visit for up to six months, while others, including Armenia, Mexico, and Panama, are allowed stays of up to 180 days. Many nations, including Australia, Japan, the United States, and Brazil, benefit from a 90-day visa-free period, making it accessible for short-term tourists. Countries such as Antigua and Barbuda, Israel, Mauritius, and Saint Kitts and Nevis have a three-month allowance, while Belize, Cape Verde, and Saint Vincent and the Grenadines can stay for up to one month. Some nations, like Indonesia and Thailand, have a 30-day limit, and Fiji visitors can enjoy up to four months. Belarusian nationals can stay for up to five days without a visa, and visitors from Saint Lucia have up to six weeks. This extensive list of eligible countries not only promotes tourism but also facilitates business travel and corporate travel, making Liechtenstein a prime destination for international visitors seeking both adventure and tranquility in a picturesque alpine setting.

TTW Editor in Chief Mr. Anup Kumar Keshan said: “The implementation of Latvia visa-free policy for 109 countries, including Schengen nations, has been a transformative force for the tourism sector. This strategic move has not only simplified the entry process for millions but has also broadened our appeal across diverse travel sectors. Additionally, this policy has invigorated niche travel markets, such as culinary tourism, adventure travel, and wellness retreats, enriching the travel experience and fostering significant economic growth and cultural exchange.”

Visa-Free Entry to Liechtenstein

Freedom of Movement (Schengen Countries)

  1. Austria
  2. Belgium
  3. Bulgaria
  4. Croatia
  5. Cyprus
  6. Czech Republic
  7. Denmark
  8. Estonia
  9. Finland
  10. France
  11. Germany
  12. Greece
  13. Hungary
  14. Iceland
  15. Ireland
  16. Italy
  17. Latvia
  18. Lithuania
  19. Luxembourg
  20. Malta
  21. Netherlands
  22. Norway
  23. Poland
  24. Portugal
  25. Romania
  26. Slovakia
  27. Slovenia
  28. Spain
  29. Sweden
  30. Switzerland

Up to 6 Months

  1. Canada
  2. United Kingdom

Up to 180 Days

  1. Armenia
  2. Mexico
  3. Panama

Up to 90 Days

  1. Albania
  2. Argentina
  3. Australia
  4. Bahamas
  5. Barbados
  6. Bolivia
  7. Bosnia and Herzegovina
  8. Botswana
  9. Brazil
  10. Brunei
  11. Chile
  12. Colombia
  13. Costa Rica
  14. Dominica
  15. Dominican Republic
  16. Timor-Leste
  17. Ecuador
  18. El Salvador
  19. Gambia
  20. Georgia (1 year)
  21. Grenada
  22. Guatemala
  23. Haiti
  24. Honduras
  25. Israel
  26. Jamaica
  27. Japan
  28. Kiribati
  29. Marshall Islands
  30. Micronesia
  31. Moldova
  32. Montenegro
  33. Morocco
  34. Namibia
  35. New Zealand
  36. Nicaragua
  37. North Macedonia
  38. Palau
  39. Paraguay
  40. Peru
  41. Samoa
  42. Senegal
  43. Serbia
  44. Singapore
  45. Solomon Islands
  46. South Africa
  47. South Korea
  48. Tonga
  49. Trinidad and Tobago
  50. Tunisia
  51. Turkey
  52. Tuvalu
  53. Ukraine
  54. United Arab Emirates
  55. United States
  56. Uruguay
  57. Venezuela
  58. Vanuatu

Up to 3 Months

  1. Antigua and Barbuda
  2. Brazil
  3. Israel
  4. Mauritius
  5. Saint Kitts and Nevis
  6. Seychelles

Up to 1 Month

  1. Belize
  2. Cape Verde
  3. Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

Up to 30 Days

  1. Indonesia
  2. Philippines
  3. Thailand

Up to 4 Months

  1. Fiji

Up to 60 Days

  1. Kyrgyzstan

Up to 5 Days

  1. Belarus

Up to 6 Weeks

  1. Saint Lucia

Undefined Period (Not specified in original list)

  1. Andorra
  2. Monaco
  3. San Marino

Airports and Airlines in Liechtenstein


Liechtenstein does not have any airports within its borders. The country relies on nearby airports in neighboring countries for air travel. The closest major airports are:

  1. Zurich Airport (ZRH), Switzerland
    • Location: Approximately 115 kilometers (71 miles) from Liechtenstein.
    • Services: Zurich Airport is the largest international airport in Switzerland, offering numerous global flight connections.
  2. St. Gallen-Altenrhein Airport (ACH), Switzerland
    • Location: Approximately 50 kilometers (31 miles) from Liechtenstein.
    • Services: A regional airport providing flights primarily within Europe.
  3. Friedrichshafen Airport (FDH), Germany
    • Location: Approximately 90 kilometers (56 miles) from Liechtenstein.
    • Services: An international airport serving flights mainly to European destinations.


Liechtenstein does not have any airlines based within the country. Residents and visitors typically use airlines operating out of the nearby Swiss and German airports. Major airlines serving these airports include:

  1. Swiss International Air Lines
    • Hub: Zurich Airport (ZRH), Switzerland
    • Services: Offers extensive international and domestic flights.
  2. Lufthansa
    • Hub: Multiple hubs in Germany, including Frankfurt and Munich.
    • Services: Provides global air travel services, including flights to Zurich and Friedrichshafen.
  3. People’s Viennaline
    • Hub: St. Gallen-Altenrhein Airport (ACH), Switzerland
    • Services: Operates regional flights, particularly within Europe.

Top Hotels in Liechtenstein

1. Park Hotel Sonnenhof

  • Location: Vaduz
  • Description: A luxurious 5-star boutique hotel surrounded by beautiful gardens and offering panoramic views of the Alps. The hotel features a gourmet restaurant, wellness facilities, and elegantly decorated rooms.

2. Hotel Vaduzerhof

  • Location: Vaduz
  • Description: This 4-star hotel combines modern amenities with historic charm. Located in the heart of Vaduz, it offers comfortable rooms, a wellness area, and easy access to local attractions.

3. Hotel Meierhof

  • Location: Triesen
  • Description: A modern hotel offering stylish rooms, a fitness center, and conference facilities. It is known for its warm hospitality and scenic views of the Rhine Valley.

4. Residence Hotel

  • Location: Vaduz
  • Description: A contemporary hotel situated in the center of Vaduz, close to the Liechtenstein Art Museum and the Vaduz Castle. It provides luxurious rooms, a fine dining restaurant, and excellent service.

5. Hotel Kommod

  • Location: Ruggell
  • Description: A business-friendly hotel offering modern accommodations, meeting facilities, and a restaurant. It is ideal for both business and leisure travelers.

Top Destination Management Companies (DMCs) in Liechtenstein

1. Liechtenstein Marketing

  • Description: The national marketing organization responsible for promoting Liechtenstein as a tourism and business destination. They offer comprehensive services including travel planning, event organization, and promotional activities.

2. Vaduz Tourism

  • Description: Provides tourism services focused on Vaduz, including guided tours, event planning, and travel information. They aim to enhance visitors’ experiences in the capital city.

3. Travel Pro

  • Description: A local DMC offering personalized travel services, including itinerary planning, hotel bookings, and event management. They cater to both individual travelers and corporate clients.

4. Happiness Travel

  • Description: Specializes in organizing bespoke travel experiences in Liechtenstein, including cultural tours, adventure activities, and luxury travel arrangements.

Liechtenstein is served by the Swiss railway system, primarily through the SBB (Swiss Federal Railways). The country itself has one railway line that runs through it, connecting to neighboring Switzerland and Austria.

Top Railway

  1. ÖBB (Austrian Federal Railways)
    • Route: Buchs SG (Switzerland) – Schaan-Vaduz (Liechtenstein) – Feldkirch (Austria)
    • Description: The primary railway line running through Liechtenstein is operated by the Austrian Federal Railways (ÖBB). The line connects Buchs SG in Switzerland with Feldkirch in Austria, passing through Liechtenstein, including the main station at Schaan-Vaduz.

Key Train Stations in Liechtenstein

  1. Schaan-Vaduz Railway Station
    • Location: Schaan, near Vaduz
    • Description: The main railway station serving Liechtenstein. It is situated in the municipality of Schaan, just a short distance from the capital, Vaduz.
  2. Forst Hilti Railway Station
    • Location: Schaan
    • Description: A small station primarily used for industrial purposes, including the nearby Hilti corporation facilities.
  3. Nendeln Railway Station
    • Location: Nendeln
    • Description: Another small station in Liechtenstein, serving the municipality of Eschen.

Itinerary: Scenic Train Journey through Liechtenstein

Route: Buchs SG (Switzerland) → Schaan-Vaduz (Liechtenstein) → Feldkirch (Austria)

  1. Buchs SG (Switzerland)
    • Starting Point: Begin your journey at Buchs SG, a Swiss town near the border with Liechtenstein. Buchs SG station is well-connected to major Swiss cities like Zurich and St. Gallen.
  2. Schaan-Vaduz (Liechtenstein)
    • Stop: Schaan-Vaduz station is the main stop in Liechtenstein. Disembark here to explore the capital, Vaduz, which is just a short bus or taxi ride away.
    • Attractions: Visit Vaduz Castle, the Liechtenstein National Museum, and the Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein (Art Museum).
  3. Nendeln (Liechtenstein)
    • Stop: A brief stop at Nendeln station. While not a major tourist destination, Nendeln offers a glimpse of Liechtenstein’s quieter side and traditional architecture.
  4. Feldkirch (Austria)
    • Ending Point: Continue your journey to Feldkirch, a charming Austrian town with a well-preserved medieval old town.
    • Attractions: Explore Schattenburg Castle, the Cathedral of St. Nikolaus, and the historic Marktgasse street.

Top Tourist Attractions in Liechtenstein and How to Reach Them

1. Vaduz Castle

  • Description: The official residence of the Prince of Liechtenstein, Vaduz Castle sits majestically above the capital city, Vaduz. While the castle itself is not open to the public, the surrounding area offers breathtaking views and picturesque hiking trails.
  • How to Reach:
    • By Bus: Take a bus from Vaduz Post to the Vaduz Schlossweg stop, then walk up the hill to the castle viewpoint.
    • By Car: Drive to Vaduz and follow signs to the castle. Parking is available nearby.

2. Liechtenstein National Museum

  • Description: This museum offers comprehensive exhibits on the history, culture, and natural environment of Liechtenstein. It is located in the heart of Vaduz and is a must-visit for history enthusiasts.
  • How to Reach:
    • By Bus: Located in central Vaduz, take any bus to the Vaduz Post stop and walk a short distance to the museum.
    • By Car: Drive to Vaduz and park in one of the city’s public parking lots. The museum is within walking distance.

3. Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein

  • Description: This museum of modern and contemporary art features works by local and international artists. Its striking black cube architecture is a landmark in Vaduz.
  • How to Reach:
    • By Bus: Take a bus to the Vaduz Post stop, and the museum is a short walk away.
    • By Car: Park in Vaduz and walk to the museum, which is centrally located.

4. Gutenberg Castle

  • Description: Located in the town of Balzers, Gutenberg Castle is a well-preserved medieval fortress open to visitors. It offers beautiful views and a chance to explore Liechtenstein’s medieval history.
  • How to Reach:
    • By Bus: Take a bus from Vaduz to Balzers, then walk up the hill to the castle.
    • By Car: Drive south from Vaduz to Balzers (about 15 minutes) and park near the castle.

5. Vaduz Cathedral (Cathedral of St. Florin)

  • Description: This neo-Gothic church, also known as St. Florin Cathedral, is a significant religious site in Vaduz. It is known for its beautiful architecture and serene atmosphere.
  • How to Reach:
    • By Bus: Take a bus to the Vaduz Post stop and walk to the cathedral.
    • By Car: Park in Vaduz and walk to the cathedral, which is centrally located.

6. Malbun Ski Resort

  • Description: Liechtenstein’s premier ski resort, Malbun, offers excellent skiing and snowboarding facilities in the winter, and hiking and mountain biking trails in the summer.
  • How to Reach:
    • By Bus: Take a bus from Vaduz to Malbun. The resort is the final stop.
    • By Car: Drive from Vaduz to Malbun (about 30 minutes) and park at the resort.

7. The Red House

  • Description: This historic house in Vaduz is known for its distinctive red color and traditional architecture. It is a scenic spot for photographs and offers a glimpse into Liechtenstein’s past.
  • How to Reach:
    • By Bus: Take a bus to Vaduz Post and walk to the Red House.
    • By Car: Park in Vaduz and walk to the Red House, which is a short distance from the city center.

8. Hiking in the Ruggeller Riet Nature Reserve

  • Description: This nature reserve in the north of Liechtenstein offers beautiful hiking trails through wetlands and meadows, home to diverse flora and fauna.
  • How to Reach:
    • By Bus: Take a bus to Ruggell, then walk or bike to the nature reserve.
    • By Car: Drive to Ruggell and park near the reserve entrance.

Liechtenstein, being a landlocked country nestled between Switzerland and Austria, does not have direct access to the sea or major lakes suitable for cruise ships. However, travelers can enjoy river cruises on the nearby Rhine River or access cruise ports in neighboring countries. Here’s how you can enjoy cruise experiences in the region and reach Liechtenstein.

Nearby River Cruises

  1. Rhine River Cruises
    • Description: While Liechtenstein itself doesn’t host river cruises, the nearby Rhine River, which flows through Switzerland, Germany, and the Netherlands, offers stunning river cruise experiences. Passengers can embark on cruises from Swiss cities such as Basel.
    • Popular Cruise Operators: Viking River Cruises, AmaWaterways, and Avalon Waterways.
    • Attractions: Scenic landscapes, historic towns, and cultural landmarks along the Rhine River, including the Rhine Gorge, Strasbourg, and Cologne.

Major Cruise Ports Nearby

  1. Port of Basel, Switzerland
    • Location: Basel, Switzerland
    • Description: The closest major port for river cruises. Basel is a hub for Rhine River cruises offering various itineraries through Europe.
    • How to Reach: From Liechtenstein, travelers can take a train to Basel. The journey from Schaan-Vaduz to Basel takes approximately 2.5 to 3 hours by train.
  2. Port of Zurich, Switzerland
    • Location: Zurich, Switzerland
    • Description: Although primarily an airport hub, Zurich offers smaller lake cruises on Lake Zurich. For major cruise departures, travelers head to Basel.
    • How to Reach: Liechtenstein to Zurich is a 1.5-hour journey by train. From Zurich, travelers can take additional transport to Basel for major cruises.

How to Reach Liechtenstein

To enjoy the proximity of these river cruises and easily reach Liechtenstein, here’s how you can travel:

  1. By Air
    • Nearest Airports:
      • Zurich Airport (ZRH), Switzerland: Approximately 115 kilometers from Liechtenstein.
      • St. Gallen-Altenrhein Airport (ACH), Switzerland: Approximately 50 kilometers from Liechtenstein.
    • Transport from Airport: From Zurich or St. Gallen, you can take a train or taxi to Liechtenstein.
  2. By Train
    • From Zurich: Direct trains are available from Zurich to Buchs SG, the Swiss town close to Liechtenstein. From Buchs SG, take a local train or bus to Schaan-Vaduz.
    • From Basel: Take a direct train to Zurich and then follow the same route from Zurich to Liechtenstein.
  3. By Car
    • Driving: Renting a car is a convenient option. Liechtenstein is well-connected by road to both Switzerland and Austria.
    • Route: From Zurich, drive southeast on A3 and A13 to reach Liechtenstein in about 1.5 hours.

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