New study finds evidence of alien travel through space ‘warp drives’

New study finds evidence of alien travel through space ‘warp drives’

A new study has found a theory that ‘warp drives’ could be possible – this method of fast space travel will be known to many sci-fi and Star Trek fans.

These super powered space engines can manipulate space time as it compresses what’s in front of it and expands it behind.

It creates what’s called a ‘warp bubble’ which is how these spacecrafts in the sci-fi world can travel so quickly, some faster than the speed of light.

This has been looked into because scientists have hinted ‘warp drives’ may well have been used by aliens as they have left trails through space.

A previous study published in 1994 suggested this could be possible with a substance that may or may not exist but a new study suggests a way to do it without this.

Lead author Jared Fuchs, of the University of Alabama, Huntsville and the research think tank Applied Physics, said: “This study changes the conversation about ‘warp drives’. By demonstrating a first-of-its-kind model, we’ve shown that ‘warp drives’ might not be relegated to science fiction.”

‘Warp drives’ could mathematically be possible, according to the new study / coffeekai, iStock

According to a statement, the new model uses “a sophisticated blend of traditional and novel gravitational techniques to create a ‘warp bubble’ that can transport objects at high speeds within the bounds of known physics”.

However the proposal says travel faster than the speed of light could not be achieved.

Fuchs and his research team admit this is a single study and even if others could prove the maths behind it, actually building a ‘warp drive’ is a long, long way off.

“While we’re not yet preparing for interstellar voyages, this research heralds a new era of possibilities,” Gianni Martire, CEO of Applied Physics, said in the same statement.

“We’re continuing to make steady progress as humanity embarks on the Warp Age.”

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