Top Global Destinations For Remote Working Revealed

Top Global Destinations For Remote Working Revealed


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The best destinations around the world for remote working have been revealed following a study. Travel wasn’t the only thing to change significantly as a result of the pandemic, with the way in which we work also undergoing a facelift courtesy of strict policies such as lockdowns and stay at home orders. As a result of these policies, now more and more people are choosing to work from home where possible – with some even electing to work from a different country altogether. 

Taking into account a range of different factors, from a country’s digital infrastructure to its economic and social conditions, a definitive list of the best places to work remotely has been created by NordLayer – and it might just inspire you to take the plunge and book those tickets. Here’s a look at the list of the top global destinations for remote working, plus a look at the methodology behind how it was calculated. 

Top Destinations Revealed – Information For Travelers

The study into which destinations around the world are the best choices for remote workers was completed by the network access security company NordLayer. Officially titled the Global Remote Work Index, it analyzed destinations across several key metrics, including safety, internet quality, tourism attractiveness, cost of living and English proficiency. Each country was then assigned an index score, which were used to rank countries. A total of 66 countries were included in the study in total, providing travelers with remote work on their minds with plenty to digest. 

Taking top spot in the Global Remote Work Index was Germany. The European economic powerhouse scored an unbeatable 0.824 on the index altogether, with notable highlights including the country’s impressive cyber security and economic and social conditions. Whilst it’s cost of living was amongst the higher side of the table and its internet quality and prices might put some travelers off, its high English proficiency, investment in education and healthcare and tourism attractiveness ratings were enough to see it crowned #1. 

Second place went to another European nation, Denmark, with an index score of 0.816. Whilst being one of the most expensive countries on the list might prove unpopular with prospective remote workers, Denmark ranked in the top 10 in various categories such as internet quality, e-infrastructure and global health coverage – all of which are key things for remote workers. Offering a high quality of living coupled with a high cost of living, Denmark is a destination many may want to consider – but it might not be a hit for those looking to save. 

The bronze medal went to the US, with an overall index score of 0.809. The  US scored highly in key metrics such as economic and social conditions, digital and physical infrastructure and Covid-19 handling – where it came out on top overall. Low cyber security rankings and a high cost of living might put many remote workers off the idea of moving to the states, however it does offer travelers a high quality of living – which is one of the reasons many consider remote working in the first place. 

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Spain came in fourth place with a score of 0.796, citing good cyber security performances, a more affordable cost of living than many destinations and the best tourism attractiveness rating out of any of the countries included in the index. Fifth place went to Lithuania, narrowly behind Spain with a score of 0.794. Lithuania boasts the second highest cyber security rating and third most affordable internet, though its quality is far behind some of its peers. Not the most glamorous location, Lithuania offers remote workers the opportunity to save money and conduct their work with peace of mind. 

The top 10 countries in the Global Remote Work Index are as follows:

  1. Germany
  2. Denmark
  3. U.S.
  4. Spain 
  5. Lithuania
  6. Netherlands
  7. Sweden
  8. Estonia
  9. Singapore
  10. France
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