Travel Guide to India (Part 2): Bodhgaya

Travel Guide to India (Part 2): Bodhgaya

In Part Two of my India travel video guide, I travel to Bodhgaya, one of the most sacred places in all of the Buddhist religion. It was at this location 2,500 years ago that a young Prince Siddhartha sat under a fig tree, meditated and found enlightenment, thus becoming the Buddha.

I start off by visiting the many temples that have been built by various Buddhists from around the world, including temples dedicated to Buddhists living in China, Japan, Tibet and Nepal. I then visit the Tergar Monastery, one of the largest Buddhist complexes in the region, which is a short walk from the main road.

I then head to the sacred Mahabodhi Temple complex in the center of town. At sunset it is a scenic, peaceful time to explore the grounds, which include a large monument built at the Bodhi Tree itself, as well as a sprawling garden area where people come from around the world to meditate.


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