Travel Guide to Jerusalem, Israel

Travel Guide to Jerusalem, Israel – Visit for more information on Jerusalem, Israel

Jerusalem or “City of Gold” as it called in Hebrew is the largest city in Israel as well as being the capital city, although many nationalities don’t recognise the city as the capital city. The city has a religious value as it hosts many religious sites pertaining to Judaism, Christianity and Islam. The city hosts the “Old City”, which is home to the many religious sites. This tiny ancient city is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Thousands of Christians and Jews living all over the world make a pilgrimage to Jerusalem each year.

What to see

• The Western Wall
• Temple Mount
• Temple of Jerusalem
• Dome of the Rock
• Mount of Olives
• Tomb of Absalom
• Church of the Holy Sepulchre
• Yad Vashem Holocaust Memorial Museum
• Ein Karem — traditional birthplace of John the Baptist
• Mt Zion — traditional resting place of King David
• al-Aqsa Mosque — sacred Muslim site
• Shrine of the Book
• Israel Museum
• Jerusalem Botanical Garden
• Jerusalem Biblical Zoo
• Jerusalem Cinematheque
• Heichal Shlomo — houses the Jewish Heritage Museum

What to do

• Jerusalem Film Festival
• Jerusalem International Chamber Music Festival
• Israeli Festival
• Feast of Tabernacles
• Tisha B’Av
• International Jerusalem Marathon
• Christian Holy Week
• International Writer’s Week
• Light Festival


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