Travel to the 2022 Manila international Auto show and beyond

Travel to the 2022 Manila international Auto show and beyond


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After two years, the country’s biggest auto show has resumed celebrating the return of the auto industry to a semblance of normalcy

Last week’s main event for the automobile sector saw some 90.000 individuals visiting the world trade center in Pasay City to see the latest in cars and automotive accessories. While my estimated numbers may be a little conservative, on ground views will show a packed events hall with a continuous stream of people in all four days of the trade show.

Because some of the brands had expat officers involved in the launch, it was particularly interesting to see some foreign automotive journalist walking around.

 The Philippine airlines international motor show (PIMS) is the main competitor of the MIAS. So far, there has been a very healthy competition between PIMS and MIAS, giving consumers a better appreciation of the automotive products available in the market. combine these with the conduct of AL Camba’s ‘inside racing motorcycle’ show and the upcoming “trans sport show” of Sophie de los santos, it seems like the wheels of the car and motorcycle industry are getting increased  for action.


The biggest launches and best display at the 2022 Manila international Auto show (so far)


the manila international auto show (MIAS) is back this year, and local car manufacture have brought out their biggest gun for the event’s comeback , it has been two years since the last one, and frankly they think they have shed a tear or two when they finally stepped back onto the world Trade center’s show floor.

Anyway, enough of that. There’s a lot of ground to cover, with brands like Gelly, Chevorlet, Nissan, Subaru, concept one, Gac, Chery all fielding the best they have to offer  Filipino car buyers under the new normal .

 The latest cars on display are:

Nissan Navara Calibre-X

The Nissan Navara Pro-4X’s tougher appearance is now even more achievable thanks to the introduction of the Navara 2.5 Caliber-X AT 4×2. It has a P1,526,000 price tag, and while it doesn’t get any actual performance upgrades over the standard truck, it’s definitely a lot nicer to look at. Which one would like that?

All-new Chevrolet Tahoe

Better late than never, right? …if you’re looking for an all-new full-size SUV, the all-new Tahoe with its air suspension and 5.3-liter V8 engine deserves attention—even more so with a local Ford Expedition discontinued. This bears a price tag of P4,749,888. 

All-new GAC GS-8


When it comes to mid-size SUVs in the Philippines, we think the more the merrier. That might be the case if GAC goes ahead with its plans to offer the all-new GS8 to domestic buyers. However, it remains to be seen if it will be able to stick with the more established names with its 251 hp and 400 Nm.


The2022  Manila international auto show successfully kicks off its first day

After a spritely start to the 20200 Manila international auto show (MIAs) the event will head into its weekend leg. The remaining days in the week up until Sunday, April 10-2022 will be filled with exciting new cars and products from OEM and aftermarket brands alike. The opening ceremony kicked off with Games Deakin hosting .


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The post Travel to the 2022 Manila international Auto show and beyond appeared first on Travel Daily.

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