Turkish Airlines new flight route between Rize and Jeddah to boost Middle East and Eurasian travel industry


Thursday, June 27, 2024

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Turkish Airlines, a prominent player in the airline industry, has announced the addition of two new routes from Rize, Turkey to Saudi Arabia. Starting this June, travelers will have more options for international travel with weekly flights to Jeddah and Riyadh. This news airline route expansion is set to enhance tourism and travel between Turkey and Saudi Arabia, providing more opportunities for both business and leisure trips.

Expanding Horizons: Turkish Airlines’ New Routes

In a significant move to broaden its network, Turkish Airlines has introduced new flights from Rize to Jeddah and Riyadh. These routes are strategically planned to cater to the increasing demand for international travel between Turkey and Saudi Arabia. The airline industry has been witnessing a steady recovery, and this expansion is a testament to Turkish Airlines’ commitment to meeting the needs of global travelers.

Rize to Jeddah: A Gateway to the Red Sea

Starting from June 22, 2024, Turkish Airlines will commence its weekly service between Rize and Jeddah. This route is scheduled to operate every Saturday with a Boeing 737-800 aircraft. The flight TK232 will depart from Rize at 00:20 and arrive in Jeddah at 04:05. The return flight, TK233, will leave Jeddah at 05:10 and reach Rize by 08:50.

Jeddah, known for its proximity to the Red Sea and as a gateway for pilgrims heading to Mecca, is a crucial destination for both religious and leisure tourism. The new route is expected to facilitate easier access for travelers from Turkey, thereby boosting tourism and cultural exchange.

Rize to Riyadh: Connecting Capital Cities

The Rize to Riyadh route will begin operations on June 13, 2024. Initially, this route will offer one weekly flight, increasing to two weekly flights from June 26, 2024. Flights on Wednesdays (TK216) will depart from Rize at 00:20, arriving in Riyadh at 03:25, while flights on Thursdays (TK216) will depart at 00:40, arriving in Riyadh at 03:45. The return flights (TK217) from Riyadh are scheduled to depart at 04:25 and 04:45 respectively, arriving in Rize at 07:35 and 07:55.

Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia, is a significant center for business and cultural activities. The introduction of this route underscores Turkish Airlines’ focus on catering to business travelers and tourists alike, promoting stronger bilateral ties and encouraging international travel.

Boosting Tourism: The Rize to Gassim Route

In addition to the new routes to Jeddah and Riyadh, Turkish Airlines has also announced a weekly flight from Rize to Gassim, starting June 17, 2024. This route will operate until August 19, 2024, providing another essential link between Turkey and Saudi Arabia. The Gassim region is known for its historical and cultural significance, making it an attractive destination for tourists.

Enhancing the Airline Industry and Tourism

The launch of these new routes by Turkish Airlines is a strategic move to enhance the airline industry and boost tourism between Turkey and Saudi Arabia. With more options for international travel, tourists and business travelers can enjoy greater convenience and flexibility in planning their trips. This expansion aligns with the global travel news highlighting the growing trend of increasing connectivity between key international destinations.

Turkish Airlines: Commitment to Global Travel

Turkish Airlines has consistently demonstrated its commitment to expanding its global reach and improving travel experiences for passengers. By introducing these new routes, the airline is not only enhancing its network but also contributing to the growth of the tourism industry in both Turkey and Saudi Arabia. This move is expected to attract more tourists, promote cultural exchange, and strengthen economic ties between the two countries.


The introduction of new routes from Rize to Jeddah, Riyadh, and Gassim by Turkish Airlines marks a significant milestone in the airline industry. These routes will provide more options for travelers, enhance tourism, and promote international travel. As Turkish Airlines continues to expand its network, it remains a key player in the global travel news, offering reliable and convenient travel solutions for passengers worldwide. Whether for business or leisure, these new routes offer exciting opportunities for exploring Saudi Arabia and experiencing its rich culture and history.

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