Big Five Tours Has New Initiative In Costa Rica

Big Five Tours Has New Initiative In Costa Rica

Rich Thomaselli

Big Five
Tours & Expeditions is trying to do its part.

The travel
company has announced a new initiative in Costa Rica to combat overtourism

initiative is in line with the World Travel and Tourism Council’s Community
Conscious Travel Campaign. Big Five prides itself on preserving cultural
heritage and supporting local economies.

“I am
always inspired by industry leaders who commit to preserving the cultural
heritage of a country through responsible tourism,” said Ashish
Sanghrajka, President of Big Five Tours & Expeditions. “I am so proud,
as a regional WTTC member, to see the new Community Conscious Travel campaign
started by someone I admire, Andrea Grisdale of IC Bellagio. Her initiative in
Italy, combined with the WTTC global campaign offers a roadmap to changing the
narrative in Costa Rica. Fair Market prices are a must to allow livelihoods to
not only be protected, to thrive through socially responsible tourism. Over-tourism and commoditization
only make the current challenging economy in Costa Rica wors. The indigenous
communities in Costa Rica must have a seat at the table. Travel and tourism
globally make up 1 in 10 jobs, and in some countries 1 in 6. Those jobs must
reach the communities who rightfully belong in the conversation, so tourism
done right may protect their cultural heritage.”

Five also said it is committed to promoting responsible tourism practices.
These initiatives are designed not only to alleviate the pressures of
overcrowding in popular tourist destinations but also to introduce travelers to
the lesser-known, authentic charms of Costa Rica.

WTTC’s Community Conscious Travel campaign serves as a guiding principle for
Big Five’s efforts, emphasizing three pillars:

·       Experience: Big Five educates travelers on
the benefits of embracing a more authentic travel experience in Costa Rica.
Encouraging visits during the shoulder seasons, such as September, allows
travelers to enjoy quieter periods with reduced environmental impact and deeper
cultural immersion.

·       Impact: Recognizing
the significant social impact of responsible travel and tourism, Big Five’s
programs in Costa Rica focus on fostering meaningful connections with
indigenous communities such as the Bribri, Malekus, and Borucas. These
initiatives are pivotal in preserving cultural heritage and supporting local

·       Action: In collaboration with Costa
Rica’s tourism authorities and local stakeholders, Big Five advocates for a
balanced tourism narrative that showcases the country’s diverse offerings
beyond traditional attractions. This approach ensures fair economic opportunities
for all involved.

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