Bizarre new flight trend sweeps the internet as influencers fuel habit | Travel News | Travel

Bizarre new flight trend sweeps the internet as influencers fuel habit | Travel News | Travel

For some people flying can be a nerve-wracking time, something they have to endure because of a fear of travelling at 500mph, 30,000ft up in a relatively small metal tube.

On the other hand, some travellers can find it quite tedious if they have to do it regularly.

Once up in the air, most passengers fortify themselves for the journey by listening to music, reading a book, working, sleeping, or sipping on a hot drink.

However, a new trend is sweeping influencers, Gen Z and some Millennials which involves getting on a plane and, regardless of how long the flight is, doing absolutely nothing at all, just sitting there and maybe looking out of a window.

The phenomenon, known as “raw dogging” is becoming increasingly popular as people attempt to “raw dog” flights as long as 12 hours.

Speaking about how her mother engages in raw dogging on TikTok, travel influencer Sophi Cooke said: “My mom’s beige flag is that she raw dogs every flight, no matter how long. This is her on a 9-hour flight, No iPad. No headphones. No book. At least she’s comfy! Go girl.”

Later, Lad Bible said the influencer’s mother explained her reasons and rationale behind raw dogging flights. She said that it was an ideal time for self-reflection.

She recommended: “Think about your goals. Maybe your regrets, maybe your fantasies. And just chill.”

While raw dogging is seen by some as a time to reflect and mediate on issues in one’s life, there are experts who recommend other ways to improve one’s time in the air.

Vitality Dr Rosie Godeseth said that eating bananas is a great way to improve an experience in the air because of their potassium and magnesium content. She told The Telegraph how flying can also affect someone’s appetite.

She said: “For some people, the fight or flight response can kick in, disrupting hunger-regulating hormones like leptin. Taste can also be affected as the cabin environment dulls our senses, with factors such as cabin lighting, stress, and even in-flight entertainment changing how things taste to us.”

Dr Godeseth’s comments were reflected by celebrity dietician Nmami Agarwal who told The Mirror: “A banana is your best bet before boarding a flight. The fruit is loaded with potassium, which can regulate blood pressure and help ease any muscle cramps you face during a flight. Consider oranges too, since they are rich in Vitamin C, which helps to boost immunity.”

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