Eko Hotels Hosts Roundtable on Enhancing African Tourism Diversity

Eko Hotels Hosts Roundtable on Enhancing African Tourism Diversity

The event brought together industry stakeholders and business leaders to discuss the challenges and opportunities facing the African tourism sector.

Marketing Manager at Kenya Airways, Regina Shiko, emphasized Nigeria’s crucial role in Africa’s aviation sector, citing the country’s multiple high-yield business opportunities and significant growth in leisure travel. 

However, she also highlighted the need to address visa issuance and perception of safety and reliability as major challenges facing Nigerian air travel.

According to her, “Simplifying the visa process could encourage more travel within the continent, or even doing away with it outrightly.

“Another challenge facing Nigerian air travel is the perception of safety and reliability. 

“Kenya Airways is actively working with industry stakeholders to change these perceptions and promote a positive image of African cities. 

“We are committed to ensuring the safety and comfort of our passengers.

“We are working hard to change the narrative and show that African cities are safe and welcoming.”

Also speaking, Director of Sales and Marketing at Eko Hotels and Suites, Iyadunni Gbadebo, discussed the hotel’s innovative approach to enhancing the travel experience in Lagos, including its annual Tropical Christmas Wonderland event, which celebrates African culture and heritage.

According to her, “Launched in 2018, this event transforms the hotel into a wonderland for families and a grand venue for social gatherings. 

“The event has taken a bold step away from traditional Western Christmas themes in recent years.”

Gbadebo shared the evolution of this event, which has since embraced a distinctly African narrative. 

Her words: “The conversation started two years ago during the Prideland edition, when we deliberately started choosing to tell African Christmas stories,” Gbadebo recalled. 

“Inspired by a child’s suggestion, Eko Hotels has developed themes that reflect African traditions and stories, merging universal Christmas themes with unique African elements.

“This year, the event will focus on the Africa of the future, continuing to build on the success of previous editions and offering visitors an immersive experience that celebrates African heritage and innovation. 

“The Tropical Christmas Wonderland promises to be a grand celebration of African culture and hospitality, reinforcing Eko Hotels’ commitment to promoting African tourism and creating unforgettable experiences for visitors.”

As Africa continues to emerge as a global tourism destination, Eko Hotels and Suites is at the forefront of promoting African tourism and creating unforgettable experiences for visitors.

Sunday Ehigiator

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