Guyana is surging the travel industry with new visa-free policy for 76 countries including Schengen nations, Argentina and Turkey


Wednesday, June 26, 2024

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Entering Guyana is significantly easier for nationals from a wide range of countries, as they can do so without the need for a visa. This convenience makes Guyana an increasingly attractive destination for holidaymakers, leisure travelers, and those on business or corporate travel. With the new visa-free policy now 76 countries can enter Guyana without any hassle. For holidaymakers and leisure travel enthusiasts, Guyana offers a rich tapestry of natural beauty, including the breathtaking Kaieteur Falls, the lush Iwokrama Rainforest, and an abundance of wildlife, ensuring a memorable and hassle-free vacation experience. The ease of entry without visa requirements also benefits business and corporate travelers, making it simpler to plan and attend conferences, meetings, and corporate retreats. Guyana’s growing infrastructure, coupled with its unique blend of cultural heritage and modern amenities, provides an ideal setting for business engagements while also allowing ample opportunities to explore its diverse landscapes and cultural sites. Overall, the visa-free entry policy enhances Guyana’s appeal as a prime destination for all types of travel, offering a seamless and enjoyable experience for visitors from around the world.

TTW Editor in Chief Mr. Anup Kumar Keshan said: “The implementation of Guyana’s visa-free policy for 76 countries, including Schengen nations, has been a transformative force for the tourism sector. This strategic move has not only simplified the entry process for millions but has also broadened our appeal across diverse travel sectors. Additionally, this policy has invigorated niche travel markets, such as culinary tourism, adventure travel, and wellness retreats, enriching the travel experience and fostering significant economic growth and cultural exchange.”

Here is the list of countries whose nationals do not require visas to enter Guyana, arranged in categories with the specified number of days where applicable:

Schengen Nations

  1. Austria
  2. Belgium
  3. Denmark
  4. Finland
  5. France
  6. Germany
  7. Greece
  8. Italy
  9. Luxembourg
  10. Netherlands
  11. Norway
  12. Portugal
  13. Spain
  14. Sweden
  15. Switzerland

Other Countries

  1. Antigua & Barbuda
  2. Argentina – for 90 days
  3. Aruba – for 90 days
  4. Australia
  5. Bahamas
  6. Bangladesh – for 30 days for holders of Diplomatic/Official/Special Passports
  7. Barbados
  8. Belize
  9. Bolivia – for holders of Diplomatic/Service/Official Passport; tourist visa on arrival for Regular Passport holders.
  10. Botswana – for 90 days
  11. Brazil
  12. Canada
  13. Cape Verde – for holders of Diplomatic/Service Passports
  14. Cayman Islands – for 30 days
  15. Chile – for 90 days
  16. China – for holders of Diplomatic/Service Passports
  17. Colombia – for 90 days
  18. Costa Rica – for 30 days for tourism
  19. Cuba – for holders of Diplomatic/Official/Service Passports
  20. Cyprus – for holders of Diplomatic/Service Passports
  21. Dominica
  22. Dominican Republic – for 30 days
  23. Ecuador
  24. Egypt – for Diplomatic Passport, 30 days holders of Service/Special Passports
  25. Georgia – for holders of Diplomatic, Official and Service passports for 90 days
  26. Ghana – for 90 days
  27. Grenada
  28. Guatemala – for 90 days for holders of Diplomatic/Official Passports and holders of a US Permanent Resident Card or a valid US/Canadian/Schengen Visa
  29. Haiti – for 90 days for holders of Diplomatic/Official/Special passports
  30. Honduras – for 90 days holders of a US Permanent Resident Card or a valid US/Canadian/Schengen Visa
  31. Hong Kong – for 90 days
  32. India – for holders of Diplomatic/Service Passports
  33. Indonesia – for 30 days
  34. Iran – for holders of Diplomatic & Special Passports
  35. Ireland
  36. Israel – for holders of Diplomatic/Service Passports
  37. Jamaica
  38. Japan
  39. Republic of Korea (South Korea) – for 30 days
  40. Lesotho – for 14 days
  41. Malaysia – for 60 days
  42. Mexico – for 90 days for holders of Diplomatic/Official/Service Passports; 90 days holders of a US Permanent Resident or a valid US/Canadian/Schengen Visa
  43. Montserrat
  44. New Zealand
  45. North Korea
  46. Panama – for 180 days for tourism
  47. Peru – for holders of Diplomatic/Service/Official Passports and 90 days for tourism
  48. Russian Federation – for 90 days for holders of Diplomatic/Service/Official and Ordinary passports
  49. South Africa – for 30 days for tourism or business
  50. Christopher & Nevis (St. Kitts)
  51. St. Lucia
  52. St. Vincent & The Grenadines
  53. Suriname
  54. Swaziland – for 60 days
  55. Trinidad & Tobago
  56. Turkey – for 90 days for holders of Diplomatic/Service/Special passports
  57. Turks and Caicos Islands – for 30 days
  58. United Kingdom of Great Britain & Northern Ireland
  59. United States of America
  60. Uruguay – for holders of Diplomatic/Official/Service Passports and 90 days for ordinary passports
  61. Venezuela – for holders of Diplomatic/Official/Service Passports

Destination Management Companies (DMCs) and MICE Travel Advisors in Guyana

  1. Wilderness Explorers
    • Services: Custom tours, adventure travel, MICE services.
  2. Dagron Tours
    • Services: Eco-tours, cultural tours, business travel arrangements.
  3. Evergreen Adventures
    • Services: Wildlife tours, nature expeditions, MICE travel services.
  4. Rainforest Tours
    • Services: Nature tours, cultural experiences, corporate travel planning.
  5. Old Fort Tours
    • Services: Historical tours, MICE travel, customized itineraries.

Hotels in Guyana

  1. Marriott Hotel Guyana
    • Features: Luxury accommodations, business facilities, dining options.
  2. Pegasus Hotel Guyana
    • Features: Conference facilities, fine dining, pool and fitness center.
  3. Herdmanston Lodge
    • Features: Boutique hotel, event spaces, garden restaurant.
  4. Cara Lodge Hotel
    • Features: Historic charm, business services, dining facilities.
  5. King’s Hotel & Residences
    • Features: Modern amenities, conference rooms, restaurant and bar.
  6. Sleepin Hotel & Casino
    • Features: Budget-friendly, casino, event spaces.

These DMCs, MICE travel advisors, and hotels provide a wide range of services and accommodations, making it easy for visitors to plan and enjoy their stay in Guyana, whether for leisure or business purposes.

Airlines and Airports in Guyana

Major Airlines

  1. Caribbean Airlines
    • Description: The national airline of Trinidad and Tobago, it offers frequent flights to and from Guyana, connecting to the Caribbean and beyond.
  2. American Airlines
    • Description: Provides international flights connecting Guyana to the United States, offering easy access for travelers.
  3. Copa Airlines
    • Description: Connects Guyana to Central and South America, enhancing regional connectivity.
  4. JetBlue Airways
    • Description: Offers direct flights between Guyana and the United States, especially popular for travelers from North America.
  5. Surinam Airways
    • Description: Regional airline offering flights between Guyana and Suriname, as well as other Caribbean destinations.

Major Airports

  1. Cheddi Jagan International Airport (GEO)
    • Location: Timehri, 41 km south of Georgetown
    • Description: The primary international airport in Guyana, serving as the main gateway for international travelers.
  2. Eugene F. Correia International Airport (OGL)
    • Location: Ogle, near Georgetown
    • Description: Serves regional flights and smaller aircraft, facilitating domestic and some international travel.

Railway Connectivity in Guyana

Guyana currently does not have a functioning railway system for passenger travel. Historically, there were railway lines, but they have been out of service for several decades. The primary mode of transport within the country is by road and river.

Benefits for Visa-Exempt Travelers

Easier Access for Holidaymakers and Leisure Travel

Travelers from countries that do not require a visa to enter Guyana can take advantage of the robust airline connectivity to plan spontaneous and hassle-free vacations. The availability of direct flights from major airlines ensures that holidaymakers can easily reach Guyana’s pristine rainforests, waterfalls, and cultural sites without the additional burden of visa applications.

Convenient Business and Corporate Travel

For business travelers and those on corporate travel, the seamless entry without visa requirements, coupled with efficient airline services, makes planning and attending meetings, conferences, and corporate events in Guyana much more straightforward. The proximity of the major airports to Georgetown, the business hub, ensures minimal travel time, enhancing productivity and convenience.

Enhanced Regional Connectivity

The strong network of regional airlines like Caribbean Airlines and Surinam Airways connects Guyana with neighboring countries and the Caribbean region, making it an accessible destination for regional travelers. This connectivity is beneficial for tourism, trade, and cultural exchanges, fostering closer ties within the region.

Guyana offers a rich array of tourist attractions that highlight its natural beauty, cultural heritage, and historical significance. Here are some of the top tourist destinations in Guyana:

Natural Attractions

  1. Kaieteur Falls
    • One of the world’s most powerful waterfalls, located on the Potaro River in Kaieteur National Park.
    • Highlights: Spectacular views, unique flora and fauna, guided tours.
  2. Iwokrama Rainforest
    • A vast, protected rainforest offering eco-tourism experiences.
    • Highlights: Canopy walkways, wildlife spotting, eco-lodges, and guided hikes.
  3. Mount Roraima
    • A stunning table-top mountain located at the junction of Venezuela, Brazil, and Guyana.
    • Highlights: Challenging treks, breathtaking views, unique geological formations.
  4. Essequibo River
    • Guyana’s longest river, ideal for river cruises and wildlife viewing.
    • Highlights: Scenic boat tours, visits to indigenous villages, birdwatching.
  5. Shell Beach
    • A pristine beach that is also a nesting ground for four species of sea turtles.
    • Highlights: Turtle watching, beachcombing, and wildlife tours.

Cultural and Historical Attractions

  1. Georgetown
    • The capital city, known for its colonial architecture and vibrant markets.
    • Highlights: St. George’s Cathedral, Guyana National Museum, Botanical Gardens, and Promenade Gardens.
  2. St. George’s Cathedral
    • One of the tallest wooden churches in the world, located in Georgetown.
    • Highlights: Gothic architecture, historical significance, guided tours.
  3. Walter Roth Museum of Anthropology
    • A museum dedicated to the cultural heritage of Guyana’s indigenous peoples.
    • Highlights: Artifacts, exhibitions on indigenous cultures, educational programs.
  4. Fort Zeelandia
    • A historic Dutch fort on Fort Island in the Essequibo River.
    • Highlights: Historical tours, Dutch colonial architecture, museum exhibits.
  5. Guyana National Museum
    • Showcases the natural and cultural history of Guyana.
    • Highlights: Geological exhibits, wildlife displays, cultural artifacts.

Adventure and Eco-Tourism

  1. Rupununi Savanna
    • A vast savanna region offering adventure tourism and wildlife experiences.
    • Highlights: Ranch stays, horseback riding, birdwatching, and wildlife safaris.
  2. Kanuku Mountains
    • A biodiverse mountain range perfect for hiking and wildlife expeditions.
    • Highlights: Hiking trails, unique wildlife, guided nature tours.
  3. Surama Village
    • An indigenous community that offers eco-tourism experiences.
    • Highlights: Cultural tours, traditional crafts, community-led nature hikes.

Scenic and Relaxing Spots

  1. Orinduik Falls
    • A picturesque waterfall located on the Ireng River, near the Brazilian border.
    • Highlights: Swimming, picnicking, scenic views.
  2. Bartica
    • Known as the “Gateway to the Interior,” it is a lively town with beautiful riverfront views.
    • Highlights: River tours, gold mining history, local markets.
  3. Lethem
    • A border town with Brazil, offering unique cultural and natural attractions.
    • Highlights: Rodeos, cultural festivals, gateway to Rupununi.

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