How has the way Italians travel changed?

How has the way Italians travel changed?

A viral trend on TikTok – “Your unemployed friend on a…” quantifies very well the frustration of not being able to go on vacation whenever you prefer. We all have a wealthy friend who can afford not to have a steady job and therefore can embark on an adventure around the world whenever they want. But if you have a routine job where you need to keep “office hours,” planning vacations is often a Herculean task, especially if you take holidays at Christmas, Easter, and mid-August, periods when most employees are out of office and travel and accommodation prices reach astronomical figures. It is primarily for this reason that the habits of young workers have almost completely renewed. Klarna’s first summer report has translated this change into numbers (and terms) by investigating travelers’ habits.

Destination dupe: what is it?

One of the first trends that emerged from the survey is destination dupe: it involves selecting destinations similar to the more mainstream ones, which are cheaper, less crowded, and consequently less inflated by the tourist bubble. For example, if you find Santorini a desirable destination, you might consider staying in Chefchaouen – a “copy” version that is objectively less expensive. The destination duping trend is not surprising. According to Klarna, 37% of Italians are planning their vacations by looking for cheaper accommodations, and 24% are searching for more affordable transportation solutions. With 55% prioritizing the climate and 49% the budget, the desire to explore destinations that offer authentic experiences without breaking the bank is evident. From one perspective, the destination dupe trend can be seen as merely settling, but it is also a “smart” practice that allows discovering a location that can prove to be better in many aspects compared to the initially desired one.


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Premise: it takes a lot of luck to become a fan of Staycation. The term is used to define the choice of spending holidays close to home, exploring local attractions instead of traveling to far and often inconvenient destinations. This type of vacation allows you to relax and have new adventures while keeping the budget under control thanks to savings on travel and accommodation costs. Klarna reports that 8% of Millennials are planning to spend their holidays in their own city or area. It is not a type of vacation that everyone can choose: in fact, it is easy to practice Staycation when you live in a scenically remarkable place or at least one with nightlife – even though the latter is diminishing, due to the increasingly widespread solo travel.

Slowcation and Solo Travel

Thanks to the impact of the numerous creators that have emerged in recent years on TikTok and YouTube, in addition to those who vlog professionally on various streaming platforms sharing their unconventional adventures, Solo Travel and Slowcation are two of the most popular travel modes for summer 2024, especially in Italy. The “ingredients” of Slowcation are very simple: uncrowded places where you can peacefully enjoy every aspect of the location, visiting the most characteristic spots, and spending time with the so-called “locals.” Solo Travel may have similarities with Slowcation, such as discovering the culture of the population you visit, yet Solo Travel does not exclude the desire to travel alone to make new acquaintances in locations with vibrant nightlife such as Ibiza, Mykonos, Porto Cervo, and similar places.

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