Men are ‘raw dogging’ it on flights  — what the travel trend means

Men are 'raw dogging' it on flights  — what the travel trend means

Some men like hitting it raw — the friendly skies, that it. 

“Raw-dogging” has become the buzziest travel trend of the summer, seeing stealth plane passengers forgo the modern comforts of flying to stare at either the in-flight map or nothing at all during lengthy trips. 

No music, no streaming, no snacking, no sleep. 

The “raw-dogging” trend sees frequent flyers take long journeys sans entertain, food, water or sleep as a self-imposed mental and physical challenge. Yaroslav Astakhov –

“I have never seen so many people raw-dogging a flight in my life,” wrote Michelle, a stunned New York-based beauty influencer, in the closed-caption of a TikTok clip. 

“Literally just staring straight ahead the entire time?” she added in the video, featuring an aircraft full of jet-setters enjoying a journey sans distractions. “This was a 5-HOUR flight from NYC to [San Francisco].” 

The anti-indulgence phenomenon has been loosely credited to Idris Elba’s character, Sam Nelson, on the Apple TV+ series “Hijacked.” 

In the seven-episode anthology, the heartthrob-turned-hero, 50, is forced to endure the more than seven-hour flight from Dubai to London without any amenities once his airbus becomes commandeered by crooks. 

Elba has no choice but to raw-dog it in the hit series “Hijacked.” Apple TV+

Unlike other skyway hacks that put freaked-out flyers at ease, such as “going over the alpha bridge” — a sleeping trick that helps the nervous knock out while up 30,000 feet in the air — raw-dogging is all about pushing oneself to their mental and physical limits. 

“Just raw-dogged a 7-hour flight (new personal best),” Wudini, a UK DJ, bragged to his over 13.2 million TikTok viewers. “No headphones, no movie, no water, nothing.”

“Incredible,” he added. “The power of my mind knows no bounds.”

Online, some raw-dog flyers claim traveling without distractions strengthens their minds. TikTok / @oiwudini
Men and women are challenging themselves to bypass any rest, refreshments or revelry while taking extended flights. TikTok / @jdrunsfar
Foot told commenters that he was “stronger” for having experienced a 15-hour raw-dogging flight. TikTok / @torrenfoot

Australian musician Torren Foot, too, celebrated his fun-free, 15-hour jaunt to Los Angeles in a viral raw-dogging vid. He memorialized the flight as the longest trip he’s taken without rest or entertainment. 

“No music, no movies,” wrote Foot, “just the flight map.”

Westy, a London-based content creator, also completed the mile-high feat. He took to social media to boast about the accomplishment to his nearly 2 million impressed online onlookers.

But the blank-stare boredom isn’t just for the boys. 

Moms looking for a little peace and quiet like Johanna Riehm, 34, are, too, cruising the clouds in sweet soundlessness. 

“My beige flag is that I like to raw dog flights,” the New Yorker penned in a post, showing herself monitoring the plane’s departure from John F. Kennedy International Airport to the Caribbean. 

“I sit there in silence with my thoughts and just watch the little GPS plane.”

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