MPT DriveHub adds new features for improved travel experience

MPT DriveHub adds new features for improved travel experience

MPT Mobility has introduced new updates to its MPT DriveHub app. The travel companion app now includes an in-app push notification feature, designed to make driving more convenient and seamless for users.

“It is important for us to be proactive in catering to the needs of motorists, especially nowadays where road travel demand means more than just getting from one point to another,” said Gines Barot, VP for MPT DriveHub.

The RFID Account Balance notification feature allows drivers to monitor their Easytrip RFID balance directly within the app, ensuring they remain informed and can enjoy uninterrupted drives.

The app now provides detailed insights into travel specifics, including entry and exit points on expressways, helping users stay informed about their location. The feature also tracks transaction amounts, which is particularly useful for motorists who wish to monitor their toll expenses.

Account management efficiency

For those managing multiple vehicles under one account, the new vehicle-specific transaction monitoring simplifies the process. Users can select a favorite vehicle and receive balance notifications specifically for that vehicle, enhancing account management efficiency.

To access these features, users can update their MPT DriveHub app and enable the notifications through the account settings. MPT Mobility continues to innovate with its digital solutions, aiming to make road travel more convenient and enjoyable for all Filipinos. The app is available for free on the App Store and Play Store, ready to assist in everyday travels and leisurely getaways.

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