New TP-Link Wi-Fi 6 Travel Router Provides Secure Wireless Networking On The Go

New TP-Link Wi-Fi 6 Travel Router Provides Secure Wireless Networking On The Go

TP-Link is giving travelers another reason to celebrate with the launch of its latest Wi-Fi 6 travel router.

The new device is said to provide secure and seamless internet connectivity for those in need of uninterrupted wireless networking activity. This is designed to enable them to work with the best connections, no matter where they might be, including public libraries, coffee shops, or simply their hotel rooms.

The device gives rise to speeds of up to Wi-Fi 6 and also comes embedded with some robust safety endeavors to offer the best protection of user data. Most importantly, its convenience in the form of a pocket-size offering really makes it easy to carry, especially if you happen to be a digital nomad who’s always on the go.

The router entails two Gigabit ports for LAN and WAN and that enables dual-band connectivity with speeds going as high as 1.2 Gbps on a 5 Gigahertz band. And in case you’re wondering, its speed is good enough for 4K streaming, quick downloads, and the best quality of work calls using the Zoom app.

The feature allows users to stay connected at all times with a USB tethering feature that links to mobile phone devices directly. Meanwhile, the router’s side also features a slide switch for device setup in various modes including Hotspot and Router so it could also function similarly to the likes of a normal router.

Those wishing to include additional devices across networks can do so by making use of the WPS button. Furthermore, users can benefit from OpenVPN and WireGuard support if they need private connectivity, despite getting connected to public place hotspots like that seen in cafes.

The news is great as many users fail to realize how making use of public wi-fi is one of the most dangerous means of making hacking attempts successful. This is why many experts recommend using a VPN to better protect their devices at all times and ensure their phone or laptop can work safely and seamlessly.

Another great feature linked to this router has to do with its portal authentication which enables simple connectivity across various devices to public Wi-Fi connections. Activating this is so easy that you only need to enable a one-time authenticator so all devices can link without the need to keep logging in over and over again.

Experts’ verdict so far says it’s not only cost-effective but convenient and great in terms of efficiency and security. The biggest headache for travelers has to do with getting access to public Wi-Fi safely and that would no longer be the case with this new rollout.

The pricing is great for the benefits on offer. It can be purchased through Amazon for $59.99 and from what we’re seeing, the purchase seems to be a worthwhile offering if you’re a digital nomad.

Image: TPlink

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