Sabre Corporation and Etihad Airways Enhance Travel Efficiency with New Distribution Capability Integration Across Europe, Middle East, and Africa


Thursday, June 27, 2024

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Sabre corporation and etihad airways

Sabre Corporation, a prominent provider of software and technology solutions for the global travel industry, has announced the integration of Etihad Airways’ New Distribution Capability (NDC) content into its global travel marketplace. This strategic move aims to enhance accessibility and efficiency for travel agencies and corporate buyers across Europe, the Middle East, and Africa (EMEA).

Initially launching in Oman and Bahrain, this integration allows agencies to seamlessly access, book, and manage Etihad Airways’ NDC offers. The broader rollout across the EMEA region will follow suit, empowering more agencies to leverage real-time content and customized travel solutions.

Sabre’s integration of NDC content enables travel agencies to efficiently compare and book Etihad’s NDC offers alongside traditional options. This capability is facilitated through Sabre’s robust suite of tools, including APIs, the Sabre Red 360 booking application, and the GetThere online booking tool. These platforms ensure that agencies can offer travelers a wider range of personalized travel options, enriched content, dynamic pricing, and tailored solutions to meet the growing demand for unique travel experiences.

“We are excited about the addition of Etihad Airways’ NDC content to our travel marketplace, which demonstrates our ongoing commitment to providing the content our customers want and the scalable capabilities they need,” said Jean-Vincent Teuler, Vice President, Airline Sales for EMEA region at Sabre. “This initiative highlights our dedication to innovation and to operating a compelling travel marketplace that provides efficient access to multiple sources of content, including NDC.”

Sabre stands out among its peers by offering comprehensive NDC capabilities that cater to both distribution and airline IT requirements. Recently unveiled, SabreMosaic™ represents a cutting-edge, passenger service system (PSS)-agnostic platform designed specifically for airline retailing. This innovative tool empowers carriers to swiftly generate and market dynamic, personalized content in real-time. It facilitates seamless distribution through direct channels and third-party sellers, thereby enhancing airlines’ agility in meeting evolving passenger demands.

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