This New Battery Pack Is the Travel Charger Apple Should’ve Made

Belkin MagSafe Battery Pack

According to Apple, the 5,000-mAh model can provide up to 16 hours of additional battery life to your iPhone, while the 10,000-mAh model can add up to 35 hours. (Obviously, this will vary depending on which iPhone you have and what you’re doing on it.)

Both 5K and 10K models have an integrated kickstand so that you can prop your iPhone up — in either portrait or landscape orientations — and watch something hands-free. They also both have a USB-C port that you can use to charge a second device while you’re wirelessly charging your iPhone. (You’ll need a separate USB-C cable, of course).

There are a few differences between the two capacity models, however. The 5K model is the only one available in five colors; the 10K model is only available in black. And the 10K model has an integrated USB-C cable that allows you to simultaneously charge a third device.

Price and availability

The Belkin BoostCharge Pro Magnetic Power Bank was announced early this year but only recently became available — you can buy both models directly from Apple.

The 5K model costs $60 and comes in five color options: black, cyber lime (green), sand, pink and blue. The 10K model costs $100 and is only available in black.

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