Woman explains why she ‘raw dogs’ flights as new travel trend is leaving the internet baffled


A woman has explained why she choses partake in the bizarre new travel trend of ‘raw dogging’ flights.

Thanks to the developments in modern technology, there are plenty of things to keep us entertained during the long hours hurtling thought the air.

Handheld games and streaming sets mean we can spend our waking hours entertained as we head to our chosen destination.

Some flights now even have Wi-Fi onboard, meaning that if you’re lucky you won’t have to feel guilty for spending hours endlessly scrolling through social media.

However, some people are choosing to instead forgo the plethora of entertainment options and instead ‘raw dog’ their flights – and the idea has divided the internet.

What is ‘raw dogging’ fights?

If you’re unfamiliar with the term or have been away from the internet for the past couple of days, ‘raw dogging a flight‘ refers to someone who does absolutely nothing for the entire time their plane is in the air.

For some of you, the thought of spending hours on end staring into the back of the seat in-front of you, alone with nothing but your thoughts, is a truly terrifying one.

Now the concept of raw dogging a flight doesn’t seem so bad for shorter ones.

In fact – as someone who has admittedly ‘raw dogged’ a one or two-hour flight in the past – spending some time doing absolutely nothing after the chaos of the airport can be quite peaceful for the mind – unless you’re interrupted by someone constantly getting up and down to go to the loo.

The idea of spending a seven plus hour flight doing absolutely nothing, however, is surely pushing the limits of the human mind.

For one social media influencer, this is exactly what her mum does on every flight she takes.

No, not even listening to music is allowed when raw dogging a flight. (Thomas Barwick/ Getty Images)

No, not even listening to music is allowed when raw dogging a flight. (Thomas Barwick/ Getty Images)

Sharing the clip on TikTok, travel influencer Sophi Cooke shared a clip of her mum ‘raw dogging’ a recent transatlantic flight and added that this was nothing out of the ordinary for her.

“My mom’s beige flag is that she raw dogs every flight, no matter how long. This is her on a 9 hour flight, No iPad. No headphones. No book,” she wrote in the original video. “At least she’s comfy! Go girl.”

Many in the comments were confused as to ‘how this works’, while others described getting on a plane without headphones as their ‘biggest fear’.

Sophi’s followers were, of course, curious top hear her mother’s reasons for doing this, with the influencer later posting a clip where her mother Pat explained why she ‘raw dogs’ flights.

“Okay, so here’s my rationale,” she said in the clip, revealing that she uses the time for self-reflection.

“Think about your goals. Maybe your regrets, maybe your fantasies. And just chill.” she added.

So there you have it, there’s no better place to switch off your mind than while you’re trapped in a metal cylinder at 30,000 feet.

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