World Nomads partners with Collinson to launch new annual multi-trip product

World Nomads partners with Collinson to launch new annual multi-trip product

World Nomads, the global travel insurance provider, has announced the launch of its new Annual Multi-Trip (AMT) product in the UK & Ireland, following a new strategic underwriting partnership with Collinson, one of the UK’s leading travel insurance providers, dedicated to helping the world travel with ease and confidence. The new product, available today for purchase on 27 June, will enhance the customer experience with the addition of increased coverage limits and new benefits that apply to both AMT and single-trip policies, as well as innovative parametric service SmartDelay, ensuring comfort, convenience and tranquillity during unexpected flight delays.

 Introducing the Annual Multi-Trip (AMT) Policy for Frequent and Adventurous Travellers

World Nomads’ AMT policy offers comprehensive and cost-effective coverage for frequent international and domestic travellers, allowing for multiple trips within a one-year period under a single policy. This product caters to World Nomads’ core demographic: independent travellers with a passion for adventure and high-energy activities, including coverage for over 150 adventure sports activities under the Standard and Explorer Plan.  Additionally, a higher age limit (up to 69 years) and free coverage for children (aged under 18) when travelling with adult relatives or friends applies, making the AMT policy ideal for multigenerational travel.

 New Services to Tackle Airline Travel Delays and Simplify Medical Access 

World Nomads is also introducing new and additional innovative services for AMT Standard and Explorer Plan policyholders, including:

  • SmartDelay:Providing access to over 1500 airport lounges or alternative benefits such as spa, sleep pods and restaurant discounts for travellers experiencing flight delays of more than 90 minutes
  • Air Doctor:Connecting travellers to private doctors and medical advice in destinations where public health services may be overstretched and/or unable to treat international travellers.

Enhanced Benefits across Single-trip and AMT Insurance Products 

Drawing upon Collinson’s 35+ years of industry experience, the new underwriting partnership brings a range of additional benefits to both AMT and Single-trip policy holders. Customers will enjoy increased coverage limits and enhanced benefits for trip cancellation and delays, emergency medical expenses, personal baggage, and personal liability*. These enhancements ensure that travellers are better protected against a wider range of travel-related issues.

Jonathan Frankham, General Manager, UK and Europe says:  “Both the introduction of the AMT product and the integration of Collinson as World Nomads’ new underwriters reflect our unwavering commitment to providing adventurous travellers with the most comprehensive and innovative coverage available. We are thrilled to offer an enhanced travel insurance experience that addresses the unique needs of today’s travellers, whether that be pursuing their love of action and adventure activities, celebrating nature or culture, those that favour short city breaks or families looking to get away and create memories for a lifetime.

“Our research found that the majority of travellers (65%) in the UK and Ireland prioritise policies that cover year-round adventures, which is why we have extended our offerings to include even more adventure activities.  With features like Air Doctor and SmartDelay, our travellers can tackle today’s most common travel challenges with confidence, enjoying seamless access to medical care and luxurious airport lounges during delays. We believe these enhancements will not only protect our customers but also enrich their travel experiences, making World Nomads the top choice for independent and adventure travellers worldwide”

Greg Lawson, Head of Travel Insurance at Collinson, says: “Given both Collinson and World Nomads are established and respected brands by travellers globally, our collaboration in developing an AMT product that delivers what today’s travellers demand from their travel experience and insurance, demonstrates our commitment in offering fair value, flexibility and choice to the consumer. The synergies of our companies make our partnership stronger; based on Collinson’s experience as a renowned travel underwriter and World Nomad’s commitment to offer innovative travel insurance. It’s a great time to bring exciting products to the travel market so together we can drive our UK and European growth ambitions.”




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