Sabre Hospitality Enhances Retailing With The New SynXis Retailing Platform

Sabre Hospitality Enhances Retailing With The New SynXis Retailing Platform

Tuesday, June 25, 2024

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Sabre Hospitality, a division of Sabre Corporation and a leading software and technology provider in the global travel industry, unveils SynXis Retailing, its latest advancement in the retailing platform. This enhanced solution includes standalone offers not tied to a room reservation, along with automated fulfillment powered by Nuvola, making SynXis Retailing the most comprehensive retailing platform available.

The updated SynXis Retailing platform not only facilitates the sale of ancillary products alongside room bookings but also allows for the sale of standalone offers. This new capability empowers hoteliers to establish virtual storefronts, expand their product catalogs, and attract a broader customer base.

“Launching standalone offers represents a significant leap forward in our commitment to innovation in the hospitality industry,” said Scott Wilson, President, Sabre Hospitality. “Our evolved solution empowers hoteliers to unlock additional revenue by selling experiences, services, goods, and more without a room reservation. Enhancing traveler experiences through personalized and relevant offers, ultimately driving higher satisfaction and revenue. We are excited to see how SynXis Retailing will enable our customers to stay ahead in a competitive market.”

Additionally, Sabre Hospitality revealed plans to integrate automated fulfillment through Nuvola, their task management solution. This integration between SynXis Retailing and Nuvola’s ticketing functionality allows hoteliers to automate the fulfillment process for ancillary offers. It includes automated ticket creation, scheduling, and notifications to streamline order fulfillment. By eliminating manual management, this integration reduces the risk of errors and enhances guest satisfaction.

“With retailing transforming the hospitality industry, Sabre continues to amplify our Retail Studio portfolio with SynXis Retailing,” said Mykola Sheludko, product vice president, Sabre Hospitality. “Coming later this summer, our customers can tap into our integration of Nuvola features to optimize fulfillment. Looking ahead to 2025, we will continue to expand the retailing tools for our customers by enabling a marketplace for reselling third-party offers.”

The SynXis Retailing Recommendation Engine utilizes predictive analytics powered by machine learning to suggest targeted offers, enhancing conversions through personalized recommendations. This helps hoteliers implement successful merchandising strategies, gaining a competitive edge and meeting the expectations of modern travelers and the next generation.

By offering more relevant ancillaries, hoteliers can achieve higher booking conversions, leading to greater guest satisfaction, increased revenue, and strategic differentiation from competitors.

SynXis Retailing has enabled customers to achieve greater success by driving significant ancillary revenue and enhancing the guest experience. Sabre’s customers have experienced an average order value of $300 per ancillary booking, in addition to the room value. Moreover, customers that have upgraded to SynXis Retailing have witnessed up to a threefold year-over-year increase in average ancillary revenue.

Sabre is showcasing SynXis Retailing at HITEC in Charlotte, N.C., USA, from June 25-27, 2024, at booth 829.

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