New Duetto And SHR Partnership Promises Enhanced Experience For Casino Resort Guests

New Duetto And SHR Partnership Promises Enhanced Experience For Casino Resort Guests

Tuesday, June 25, 2024

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Duetto and SHR partner to revolutionize casino resorts with real-time pricing, boosting revenue and guest satisfaction.

Duetto, a leading provider of revenue management solutions, and SHR (an Access company), known for their cutting-edge technology offerings for the hospitality industry, today unveiled a strategic alliance aimed at transforming the casino resort sector. Leveraging Duetto’s Dynamic Rate Engine (DRE), SHR will empower its casino clientele to offer instant, tailored pricing online to optimize revenue, enhance occupancy rates, and improve guest satisfaction. The integration of the newly certified SHR<>DRE API enables the delivery of real-time pricing and booking conditions at an individual customer level, providing loyalty members with exclusive rates and complimentary rooms based on their overall contribution. This partnership not only enriches the guest experience but also streamlines casino resort operations.

“Duetto’s dynamic pricing model delivers real-time, value-driven promotions that evolve based on player activity and worth. Now, thanks to our integration with SHR, these players can be rewarded instantly and can book their discounted or comp rooms easily online, encouraging them to stay more often,” said John Lingos-Webb, Senior Director of Global Partnerships, Duetto.

“SHR’s award-winning booking engine now integrates real-time RMS lookups via Duetto’s Rate Engine API. This collaboration with Duetto expands SHR’s existing casino functionality and provides our customers with a wider range of tools to offer personalized rates and comp rooms to their loyalty guests,” said Dan Edmonds, VP Casino Strategy & Solutions, SHR Group.

Duetto’s Open Pricing strategy, coupled with dynamic discounting that assesses the total value of customers, allows casinos to tactically decide who receives complimentary rooms or reduced rates during peak and off-peak times. This approach helps to avoid overinvestment and safeguards the profitability margins.

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